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Build New Trails

Organize Member Work Days - Projects and Ongoing Maintenance

Working to Preserve and Maintain Trails

Members dedicate their time and expertise to further CCMR's mission to preserve and maintain Central Colorado trails. We collaborate with local, state and federal government agencies to identify and coordinate trail volunteer projects throughout Central Colorado.

In fostering public land stewardship, CCMR trail events provide volunteers the opportunity to give back to the trails they love, meet new people, and have a great time doing it!


The CCMR has adopted the following trails:

1.  The motorized Continental Divide Trail (CDT) from Old Monarch Pass to HWY 50
2.  Rainbow Trail from Silver Creek to Mears Junction
3.  Rainbow Trail from Hayden Creek to Oak Creek
4.  Poplar Gulch
5. Sundgren Sunset Loop (part of the 54 acre Big Bend Park in Salida)
6. Greens Creek Trail
7. The DudBob Trail

Creating New Trails - The DudBob Trail

Beginning in 2018, President, Bob Daniel and Dudley Fetch led the lengthy CCMR effort to get funding, environmental assessments and approval to develop the new six mile long singletrack DudBob Trail. Click here to read more about this CCMR success story.

Additional Member "Trail Event" Projects

CCMR works with the Forest Service, BLM and local groups on projects that benefit the entire community of trail enthusiasts.
• Clearing overgrown brush and fallen trees
• Repairing trail damage from floods and fires
• Trail improvements including minor relocations
• Erosion control

Ongoing Maintenance Activities

CCMR members visually inspect and evaluate maintenance needs while riding Central Colorado trails. We stop to fix minor problems encountered on rides (minor blowdowns, safety hazards or obstructions, trash, etc.). Members report problems requiring assistance to repair such as erosion and large blowdowns needing a chain saw.

To learn about upcoming trail maintenance events VISIT the CCMR Facebook page and JOIN CCCMR and receive event notification via email.

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